Time to close this blog?


Seeing that today is the one month anniversary of my last blog post about my life, that is a valid question.  The filler is interesting, but what about my two jobs, one of which was once the emphasis of this blog?  This week was actually a milestone for my new job.  For the first time my commission exceeds the $50/day they have been paying me since the start of training last June.  It’s still not much, but the job promises to pay more eventually.  And what about the camera training the owners have asked me to take charge of?  One of them has plugged me as the national camera trainer to one of the clients after they noticed my pictures are pretty good.  Great- a standard to live up to! 😛 .I still wonder how much I will be paid for this training whenever it happens.

At the moment I am subbing, or trying to, for two full days a week plus mornings five days every two weeks (every other week I go to two places on Friday so I can’t sub that day).  I am signed up in three districts this year but so far have only worked in two.  What?  Yes I did say two before, but then the third sent me a welcome note without my having signed up again so I stuck with it.  Since they were the source of some of my jobs so far, it looks like I made the right choice there.  I have subbed for one (half) day of middle school so far- the rest have been in elementary schools.  I actually took a bilingual first grade job- something I try to avoid during the main part of the year.  I also just took a job for a kindergarten morning Monday at the very school I went to for K through most of 2.  Oddly enough, while I can remember the names of all my other elementary teachers, I can’t for this school.  I wonder if I will be in the same classroom I was in for my own kindergarten?  I wonder if I will even recognize anything at the school.  I am pretty sure I took no assignments there last year.

Let’s see what I can say about the jobs I’ve taken so far.  The first-grade bilingual class was a little rough as the plans the teacher left were not very detailed, often requiring me or one of the assistants who were in and out of the room throughout the day to find the required materials.  The kids were also not very good listeners, but whether that was because of limited English skills or other reasons I couldn’t say.  Another couple of days I was in a position where there were no plans.  These were for special-ed teachers who didn’t even have set schedules yet being the beginning of the year so I ended up helping out in different classrooms throughout the day.  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if I found out that they came in the next day and said, “I had a sub?”  I don’t think I was expected…  The junior high job was a teacher who had both 7th and 8th grade classes, and all I did was supervise as they used computers to work on projects.  I was worried when not just my classes, but others as well used the laptops throughout the morning with little time to charge them, but according to one teacher the batteries actually hold out for some six hours or so, something I have never heard of in laptops.  My own computer lasts for three or less, but with with its specs I am not surprised.

So why have I not been keeping up on my friend’s blogs even if I couldn’t be bothered to update my own?  I don’t know.  If you want refrain from posting commenting in return I will understand.

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  1. Hmmm….

    Many interesting posts. A lot more than the Admin. 😉 And you want to stop? Oh well, we can’t really make you continue blogging. I’m wondering if a different subject matter would give you more incentive to blog. Maybe once a week updates on your Sunday activities? Just wondering of course, but that is what I do…

  2. PLEASE don’t close the blog altogether. I really like how the blogs help me keep in touch with friends and family who live far away, and reading yours has been really great! JustJ has a point – maybe you should switch your subject matter if that’s what you want. But I (for what it’s worth) would like at least a quick run-down of your life’s events weekly or even monthly if you have to… but something!
    I wish I could go back in the school I attended K-5, but it was torn down shortly after I left it. Bi-lingual teaching would be interesting… give me a chance to practice my 3 years of hs spanish without getting laughed at.
    And congrats on your compliments at the car job!

  3. Sorry I didn’t respond to the comments right away. I have been tirelessly working on my camp DVD for this year- yes, I have been lazy up ’til now on getting started. I have the four videos finished (three are slideshows) and am working on a few extras before finishing with the menu and all that. This weekend is my goal.

    I hear and will keep the blog open, hopefully I will feel like posting more in the future. And just for JustJ I will keep interrupting my life with the bonus material. 🙂

    Thanks, all!

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