End of an Era


A while ago I mentioned becoming the national trainer for the photo job I do.  Well, today I talked with the co-owner and the job is finally becoming a reality.  As of this week I am the manager of training, or quality, or something like that.  My new job will involve keeping a single store for photos, but in addition involve filling in for others’ vacations, do quality control on their work, and of course train.  In fact, I will be training someone really soon now to take over two of my stores.  My compensation has also become consistent, no longer dependent on the number of cars I do.  As for traveling, that will come sometime as well- they already have stores in another state, though mostly for those stores they will bring the people here for me to train.


So what do I mean by the end of an era?  Well, this job has now become full time so that means no more subbing.  Maybe once in awhile (with the co-owner’s blessing I should add) if I want to as long as I get the work done, but for the most part I’m done.  I will drop down to one district I think, probably hometown district and sub maybe once every other week just for the extra cash until the end of the school year.  Or mornings once a week if I can.  I don’t know.  In any event, that means a rebranding for this blog as certainly I won’t be signing up again for next year unless something goes very wrong with this job and so the name no longer works.  I will have to think about a new name though I suspect the URL will remain the same.


I know I haven’t said this yet, so I will say it now.  In big bold letters:



11 thoughts on “End of an Era”

  1. OW, Derek, that is AWESOME!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You left out the word, but here I think you meant “My (pay, salary, compensation) has also become consistent…”
    If that’s the case, that is SO great! So you didn’t really say – is leaving subbing a good thing or a bad thing? Do you enjoy the job that just promoted you or does it not matter because the happiness comes from the consistent paycheck? What sort of commuting will you do and will you have regular hours? What state are the other stores in, Ohio, hopefully? 😉
    Oh well on the re-branding of the blog… as long as you keep up the blogging, who cares what it’s called. What is this, a record with THREE posts over two days?!?
    All of this calls for celebration – I’m going to have to email admin, er, um, Whatever at work to tell him!!

  2. WOW! Congratulations D!! Now, does this mean you will be able to afford to visit more often or too busy to visit?

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU DEREK! Praise God indeed! I think a congratulations call is in order… 🙂 I will be calling soon!

  3. Congratulations Derek!!! Does that mean you will be able to make a few trips to NW Ohio? Like taylhis says, if you post, who cares what the name is. You could always give it a different definition.

    @taylhis, that is the “OLD” admin until he blogs more.. 😉

  4. @justj – I am not going to call him that… there will be fallout! Yes, he should blog more… WHEN, I don’t know – he doesn’t even play football anymore 🙁
    If anything, he likes to blog during the Bears season, if only to complain about his team, but still…

  5. Thanks all. @taylhis: I have corrected the error you pointed out- thanks.

    So many questions! I do enjoy subbing, but getting jobs this year has been such a pain! No more getting up at 5:30AM to try to find a job. Previous years I was able to get a job most of the time the day before, or I might get a call with three or four jobs at once. The photo job has been nice to due to the independence- we’ll see how the new work goes. Getting myself to work on the computer will be the big thing as that is part of the quality control- looking at the uploaded photos of others. Sadly, the other state is not OH. I told C over the phone, so the rest of you will know shortly which one I’m sure. 🙂

  6. Congrats Derek! You sound so relieved in your blog and I am glad for that! Maybe now you can come visit and we’ll have a game night celebration for you!!!! 😀

  7. HOORAY for Derek! We all hope this may mean a visit to our neck of the woods soon! Yes… doesn’t matte what you call the blog as long as you keep at it! Prayers to you for a new, successful position!

  8. Thanks again. I’ll go sometime soon- I just need to get settled in this new position and get some paychecks to refill my funds after that repair bill. And yes, taylhis (forgot to respond earlier), three posts in two is a recent record for me. 🙂

  9. So far, okay. The limit of QC has been to look at and fix photos online- I can only take so much of that though. I’ll blog about something else I’m doing soon.

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