Returned to the land of the lost


I’m a glutton for punishment. I watched the second of the “Land of the Lost” shows, “Return to the Land of the Lost”. The same actors, with a different story. It was much better actually. I already knew that the story could not be anything like the book. After the first movie I wasn’t expecting much at all. The storyline was actually good. They writers did a much better job this time, since they didn’t have to throw anything away. It made my initial reaction to the actors in the first movie. They filled the roles well in both movies. The dinosaurs in this movie were actually worse than the first movie. There was one instant were someone hit a dinosaur and it looked like they were hitting foam rubber. Which of course they were, and they looked it. Oh well, I knew that going into.

I’ll have to get another “B” dinosaur movie, I actually enjoyed the last couple of evenings. Even if I complain a little about movie makers abandoning books. More on that in another blog, it just started getting to me again.

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