Polls, like comments


Have you noticed, our polls are just like our comments.  So very few people access the polls, and very few comment on the posts.  I know I have some lurkers (they told me), and others that just visit.

Now I would like to get more readers, but our little corner of the internet does get a lot of action.  I realize our esteemed admin would like to get more bloggers,  so we have more internet traffic, but that seemed to get more spam like blogs.  What to do? What to do?   Me, I beg 😉   So this is another one of those posts begging for more response from the lurkers, but in this case all you need to do is fill out a poll.  How easy is that?  Or you can post comments on anything here that interests you.

I am lucky that I just post here for my own enjoyment.

[poll id = 5]

1 thought on “Polls, like comments”

  1. I am a lurker myself, just not on my friend’s blogs. It just takes time away from reading posts sometimes. Other times it just feels like what’s the point- it’s already been said (on forums with many users this is often the case with me).

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