Who Wants To?


I think I must have been in the right place Friday afternoon.  On my lunch hour, I was watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. During the last commercial break, an ad promoting auditions in my neck of the woods came across.  I thought to myself… well maybe I will go.  After prayer and consideration, I made the decision that YES I WILL GO! I remember  back about 13 years ago after the premiere episode hosted by Regis, I dialed the then “900” number to play the fastest finger round and tried to make the cut.  A few years later after trying each time the opportunity arose (eventually, the number became toll-free), I successfully completed round one and waited for a follow up call the next day. Alas, I was unsuccessful in round two.

This Wednesday beginning at 7AM, I will be attending one of the show’s Summer Tour audition calls.  Instead of once again getting up at 4AM, I decided to make a reservation and stay  the night.  Five years ago, I had one of the best experiences in the city when my best friends, our chauffeur, and I made our way to the television studio to promote one of our community theater’s productions.  I think this experience will be very fun.  And I am not thinking about anything but this initial step.

So at this point, I just pray that I am safe in my journey and have as much fun with the experience as possible!

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