Evil Animals


Every once in awhile, time.com has interesting countdown-style articles.  The other day, this one caught my eye:

Top 10 Evil Animals

Beyond the expected varieties of insects, you’ll be surprised to learn which mammals are featured (I know I was shocked by a few of the species the authors felt worthy of being on the evil animal list), and it’s interesting to read about the characteristics of all the creatures included in this article.  I was going to include a shortened version of the list so you didn’t have to flip through the slide show, but some are so entertaining that I’m going to let you flip through for yourself – click the link above.

4 thoughts on “Evil Animals”

  1. That is funny and random, D. Written back in OJ’s heyday, it seems? And when you said ‘bloodsucker’, it made me wonder, why the heck were mosquitoes not on this list? I HATE those little buggers!!!!! They cause illness, pain, itchiness, and even death – I find that much more evil than the so-called evilness of #8 (they only go so far as to say the animal’s deceptive looks are what makes it evil? Or that it’s mean to others of its species? Big deal).

  2. Yes, #8 makes this seem more like a Cracked magazine list than that of a supposedly respected mainstream magazine.

    Mosquitoes = #11?

  3. #9… Is it just me or did my neck of the woods have issues with them not too long ago… hmmm.

    #1… Having a NY channel via our DISH network, it seems that you can turn it on the news and hear about more new and improved methods of dealing with the critters. Has cut tourism by quite a bit last I heard

    Fun and interesting article.

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