Two On You Tube


There are two channels on you tube that I regularly frequent.  One is operated by a new friend who has just joined our community theatre and is very talented.  He has already filmed video clips as previews for the first two shows of the season and hopefully more of those to come.  I however, have become a big fan of his own creation: the piratical Captain Smith.  After moving north he has been working on a way to bring the exploits of the character with him.  At last report, he has been working on a big fully-developed storyline.  Hopefully, this will be full of swashbuckling adventure, bloodthirsty villains, and everything else that a good pirate film contains.  Be sure to check out Moonlight Productions.  I’m sure the good Captain would appreciate the traffic to the videos.

The other site is full of zany fun.  Stupid Game Show Answers is full of clips from various game shows over the years featuring all kinds of not only STOOOPID ANSWERS but also other not so graceful moments.  I can’t remember if the unfortunate female contestant from a bygone episode of The Price is Right who “came on down and fell right out” is in one of the clips or not but there are lots of other hilarious moments.

Be sure to check out both channels and comment.

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