12 Days Of Christmas


Since we are in the third day of the twelve, I would like to share with you my favorite song and video of the season.  I think it was around last year, but it really got exposure this year.

Since the good doctor made mention of the two songs here is Josh Groban singing Petit Papa Noel from his glorious Holiday CD, Noel.

and… Vive la Vent

3 thoughts on “12 Days Of Christmas”

  1. Comment from drm submitted via hotmail:

    Here is a post for your blog that I can’t personally submit because I’m at work.

    Your recent posts that recalled various Christmas songs and the memories that they bring made me all nostalgic. Here are a couple of songs I heard recently via YouTube that took me back to high school French class of all places:

    Petit Papa Noel sang by Nana Mouskouri and Vive la vent.

  2. Thaks drm… Josh Groban released Petit Papa Noel on his Christmas CD last year and good ol’ Vive la Vent… or Jingle Bells for you not in the know,

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