Emote BUT Hit the Note


Today’s lesson was fraught with insightful bits of trivia.  I learned that the “Many Mumbling Mice” warm up was attributed to one Theodor Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss) in his ABC Book.  Or maybe it was K’s octo-, or nonagenarian (if he is still among us) college choir director.  The prolific author may have stolen it himself, a la his Grinch-y creation who (quite fittingly) stole Christmas from the Whos down in Whoville who liked Christmas a lot..

This week, I practiced two up-beat pieces and one ballad (working on two slower, emotionally charged selections).  Both brisk pieces have challenges of their own.  The first, I am having a bit of problems memorizing and the second contains the EVIL patter line which I did manage to do well WITH the words in front of me.  A bit of homework over the holiday for me.

The third piece has never sounded better.  Drawing the audience into the emotional context is key on this one.  However while focussing on the emotion, I was slightly pitchy but everything else was praiseworthy.  We are going to have t-shirts printed with the post title.

Much too soon, the clock tolled the half-hour.  I could not believe that it had gone so fast.  So, I went to BK to get food to go before I have to head to church for Midnight (11 o’cock) Mass rehearsal.

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  1. Years ago, it WAS at midnight! I VAGUELY remember going when my oldest brother was in Jr. High and they had a choir. I guess Midnight rolls off the tongue better than 11 o clock? Just hope no one comes at 12. The only ACTUAL M.M. Is over in your neck of the woods (in this area, anyway). Merry Christmas to you all, too!

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