A Vocal Workout


I am happy(?) to inform all that my voice lesson today was ALOT of HARD WORK ūüėÄ I loved every minute. ¬†During my warmup (does sound like a workout, yes?) I was offered three pointers on reaching those high notes:

  1. Bend your knees slightly (already knew that)
  2. Hold your hands out palms down and turn them up as you hit that soaring note (I tried that once and it DID WORK!)
  3. Squeeze your glutes together. ¬†(Haven’t tried that one)

Today, I chose to work on some of the “power pieces” which I am on good standing to perfect. ¬†Boy oh boy maybe next week I’ll mix it up with some novelty songs. ¬†As it was, we only made it through two selections but a lot of work was put into polishing them up. ¬†I think it is much more draining to perform a song that is driven by heavy emotion than lighter fare. ¬†But one of these pieces is one of my favorites so of course I am going to focus a bit on it but man what emotion it carries with it!

I even surprised myself by the emotional impact I created. ¬†When it was over, I did feel like I had been on a roller coaster of turmoil and angst. ¬†And I don’t want to perform them until Spring?! ¬†Imagine the possibilities! ¬†I did get to have a little gingerbread cookie on my way out! ¬†Who could ask for anything more?

1 thought on “A Vocal Workout”

  1. Sounds intriguing!
    Though I must admit the idea of going out of one’s way or even paying for “a roller coaster of turmoil and angst” perplexes me… I feel like I ride some kind of roller coaster every day for free and without asking for it!

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