12 Days & Counting….

Until my first recital!  I cannot believe that I have never been a part of one and I am really excited!  When I arrived at my rehearsal place, K reminded the young Herman lass (who is the student ahead of me) of this.  As I made my way over to the piano, I was asked if I was going to be sitting for my piece or if I was going to go all out.  The song I have chosen lends itself to a wide range of choreographed bits; to sing it while sitting would be doing myself and most importantly the song a great diservice.  So yes, I will be adding movement to the piece.  After going through the selection once with some of the movements I have been brainstorming, my partner in crime arrived to much fanfare and relief,  Last week, poor Ca got stuck driving to rehearsal.  Need not have worried because she fit the bill tremendously.

Actually, I did better practicing the song with the movement then sitting anyway.  Just need the freedom of the stage to enhance them.  The limited practice space did not lend itself well to BIG, THEATRICAL movement!

Just need to ask how many friends and family I am allowed to invite.  Hope it is not like the Brady Bunch episode in which poor Cindy has to decide whether to give her one and only ticket to Mommy or Daddy to her starring role as the Fairy Princess.  I don’t think I have to worry too much about that.  No Italian this week although I was handed a few pieces to look at in the coming weeks.

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