Well… got back a few days ago from a week in the sun (and just one day of rain) with some of the best friends ever!  Along with a couple of stragglers from Chi-town.  It was a ton of fun except for ONE thing… I did a number on my back.  There is speculation abound as to the cause: could it have been the extremely fun extreme go-cart track we adults check out; could it be the new shoes I bought just days before I flew out; or any of a myriad of scenarios.

I just know that by Tuesday, I needed to rent a wheelchair to be pushed around EPCOT and the Magic KIngdom on Wednesday.  It would have been a funny bit of payback since I had to push C around when he had his ingrown toenail.  However,  although I tried to keep a light heart about the situation I discovered that it was not very funny.

Thursday, I stayed behind and soaked in the giant tub then slept on the rollaway bed so I did not have to climb the stairs.

Friday, saw my return flight to Detroit ($117.00 roundtrip, still marveling at the price).  The three of us were greeted to a shower on the way to the airport.  I was given VIP service by a skyhop who pushed me to the front of the security check line and from there to my gate.  Would rather have not had to zip by, but hey it beat standing.

When I arrived in Detroit, I had to wait 3 hours for my brother and his significant other to pick me up.  On the way home, we stopped at Applebees just inside Toledo.  We were warned that the heater was broken and were shortly shown to our WINDOW booth.  This may be a bit of a coincidence, but half of the staff was out sick.  Welcome back to NWO… from 70º to single digits all in a few hours time.

Monday, I went to out hometown chiropractor who was recommended by my aunt who is enjoying Florida as we speak.  Dr. Scott was very personable and gave it to me straight.  At my age, the chances of a disc injury increase.  I am able to stand and do some menial tasks as well as the stretches I was given.  I know it will take time but for now I feel so useless.  I’m used to being up and around and here I am sitting on a bag filled with rice.  My first heating pad met with a grisly end.  Someone put it in the microwave for 1:45 and before the time was up…. BOOM!!! I did not see the aftermath but I could smell it.

I did have fun on my week off but I got a little more than I bargained for….

2 thoughts on “NewShoes=NoFun”

  1. Well, injury or not, it was tons of fun. Easy for me to say, I didn’t come home with a back injury nor did I have to miss day 2 at Universal. We brought the kids on the go-cart track after you left, but one of them (no name needed) wouldn’t let me accelerate past a slow crawl-that was ANNOYING!!! But if it was the karts that did you in, then I guess I’m glad for the slowness with the kids. And, we did make them wear helmets. But anyway, good to read from you. I hope to get my own input up here soon; I’m always amazed at how my detailed blogging comes in handy later… if only I can find the time to get it on here.
    Hope you feel better soon!!

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