The Amazing, Hulk-Outing, Drenching Adventure


I must say that the worst part of the Universal was the transition from the two parks.  There was a huge mob of people resembling a herd of cattle waiting to be lead through the gate.  The problem being… there were only 2 people taking tickets and we picked the SLOOOOOOOOW line.  But we finally made it with plenty of time to enjoy what Islands of Adventure had to offer… LOTS.

Not only were there rides drawing from Dr. Seuss, cartoons from days gone by (Popeye and Dudley-Do-Right on which I will elaborate further), but also Marvel Superheros.  While C & L went The TRUELY AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ride, I waited with the kids to take my turn (thank heaven for baby swap).  While waiting a parade of heroes riding motorized bikes came zooming in.  I saw Captain America, Wolverine (in the traditional yellow and blue comic outfit), and Spidey himself.  This was cool not only to see them, but it also made little Dis stop and look… this was before Lis introduced me to the secret weapon.

I had a very hard time figuring out which my favorite ride was: definitely a toss up.  The Amazing Spider-Man is a 3-D marvel that puts you right in the middle of a comic-book starring everyone’s favorite web-slinging neighborhood do-gooder as he battles some of his most sinister villains: Hobgoblin, Hydro Man (not REAALY familiar with him), Electro, and Spidey’s arch-nemesis, Dr. Otto Octavius.

What theme park visit is complete with out some wet fun.  The first was definitely the worst.  You have read the disclaimer: YOU WILL GET WET ON THIS RIDE.  On Popeye and Blutto’s Bilge-Rat Barges, you not only get wet, if you sit in the wrong spot… guess who… you may not neet to shower for a day.

The second water soaker featured the melodramatic adventures of Dudley-Do-Right on Ripsaw Falls. Along the way the villainous Snidely Whiplash once again had the virtuous Nell tied to the tracks. Nowhere near as drenching as P&B’s, but good.  Not so good for Chris who was suffering from an in-grown toenail.  As I was entering the log I heard a loud howl from behind me.  I had stepped on his toe.  OMG… THE PAIN!!!!  More on that later, but I KNOW  how he felt. I felt awful.

The last thrill was one we had by-passed and said we would do if we had time remaining.  Not only am I glad that we made it just to ride, it helped in the drying process.  The Hulk is a good old-fashined green steel monster with corkscrews, loops, tunnels, and blinding smoke.  While Chris took the girls to Seuss land, Lisa and I conquered the monster twice… fast pass is great.  What a rush and it never stopped.  totally awesome.

Being led by people who know the park is a great way to see the best and by-pass the rest.

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  1. They are heading home Saturday. I’m sure that she will have plenty to report. We all had a great time. Now it is back to the reality of late October in Ohio.

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