Coming Home


Thursday morning, I learned a very valuable lesson… ALWAYS BOOK A RETURN FLIGHT LATER THAN 8:30AM.  Not only could this provide a few more hours to enjoy the area, but you don’t have to be up at 5:30 to be at the airport at a decent hour.  So… here I got up before dawn even cracked.  After my final preparations, I left the two oldest a note in their autograph books thanking them for a fun time.  Taylor was awake Wednesday night; however, Sammie was sleeping hours before I went to bed.  I also left a note of thanks to Chris and Lisa.

At the airport, I had a few kids to buy a souvenir for.  I had already purchased for most at a discount store the other night and on my flight over in Detroit at the NBC kiosk.  I just had to get The Office game on my way because I had a longer wait going then coming back.  I also bought myself my traditional t-shirt (although when I arrived back in Detroit, I almost wish it were a sweatshirt).

As for the flight, each of them was great.  There was barely any turbulence, and the view from the window was cool.  I love to fly. Thursday morning, the ear-popping was the worst about 30 minutes away from touchdown in Detroit.  And as a certain character in Blue, Red, and Yellow has noted on more than one occasion: “Statistically speaking, it is still the safest form of travel.”

But, the reality of late-October in Ohio soon reared its ugly head.  Gone was the brilliant sunshine and 80 degree temperatures of the Sunshine State and replaced by barely 50 degree temps with wind and rain.  I got absolutely NO sympathy from those I mentioned this to.

Once again Chris, Lisa, Taylor, Sammie, Disney, and Baby Christopher thank you all for asking me along and for a great time.  Hopefully next time is even better.

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  1. I was awake at 5:30 today, and Monday as well due to an early call (Monday) and just being worried about finding a job (today). Jobs seem a little more scarce this week for whatever reason.

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