UNDEFEATED Chicago Cubs!


How ’bout them Cubs?  Ok, it’s only been one game of spring training, but they are undefeated!  Whoo-hoo!  I am so ready for baseball season; especially with all this snow – had ANOTHER snow day today, by the way.  Which means we have 2 make-up days now in the summer, and counting, probably since I’m sure with the way the snow has been falling out of the sky that it’s not done yet…  but that’s ok, because come June, when the kids have their extra days of school, I will be at home, sitting on my very pregnant behind, watching the Chicago Cubs WIN some baseball!  GO CUBBIES!

4 thoughts on “UNDEFEATED Chicago Cubs!”

  1. Are you allowed to be a Cubs fan out there? I think there’s a law somewhere that you have to root for an Ohio team now… 😛

    Go Reds!, or something like that.

  2. Once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan… besides, we’re about the same distance from Chicago as we are from Cleveland or Cincinatti. Toledo only has a minor league team- the Mudhens -not quite the same.

  3. Well, I suppose I ought to be a Flyers fan if minor leagues counted. Wait, I’m not a Cubs fan either- something about not caring for sports. Meh, oh well…

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