Toledo Blood


While I’ve been recently listing my many recent medical procedures and complications, it seems I forgot to mention the blood transfusion.  When I found out I would need one after the surgery, my mom generously offered me some of hers, but the nurses politely refused her, saying our hospital gets its blood supply from Toledo.  So, there you have it – I guess you could say I’m now an official Ohioan with Toledo blood and everything!  Go Buckeyes!

2 thoughts on “Toledo Blood”

  1. Now that is very strange. If I remember correctly, when you donate blood in this area, it all goes to the Fort Wayne area. For years I donated blood in Toledo, but when I donated blood in college, and now in Williams or Fulton Counties, the Fort Wayne Red Cross are the ones doing the collections..

  2. Weird… the nurses may have mentioned that if my mom gave hers would be sent to Ft. Wayne. Guess there’s an east to west blood flow…

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