The Office and The Anniversary


Our wedding anniversary is coming up – this year marks #9! – and there’s a pretty cool gift we get this year: the first new Office episode in months!  Steve Carell gave an interview with TvGuide, and said that his character Michael Scott is hosting a dinner party, and it goes terribly awry.  If you know anything about the show, then you know how hilarious this will be and are looking forward to it as much as we are.  So on April 10, check out the first brand new Office episode since the writer’s strike saga!

And that reminds me, on April 10, 2009, we are hopefully going to have the time and resources to put together a “second wedding” for our tenth anniversary.  We didn’t know any of our Ohio friends when we got married way back in ’99, so we’d like to renew our vows and “get married” all over again in Ohio, 10 years later!  And, luckily for us, April 10, 2009 falls on a Friday!  So, this year we will be watching the Office.  Next year, we will be “getting married” again, hopefully!

6 thoughts on “The Office and The Anniversary”

  1. Do I get to be the best man again? 🙂 Kidding… I’m all the way out in dreary Illinois! Jamy will of course be the wedding singer, from what I read on his blog. 😛 And now you have your own ring bearers!

  2. Actually we are probably going to have a dj – want some things the same as the original, including the music. Will be a different wedding party though to make it “Ohio”. We definitely want you there to celebrate with us though… Mark your calender now! We will probably put the girls in as flower girls and ring bearers, we’ll see… Again, this is just the plan for now, it’s a year away, and if gas prices continue to rise, won’t be able to save up much $ 🙁

  3. Get a motorcycle- plenty of mileage on those, and cheaper than one of those hybrids.

    Plus, Taylor can become the cool one in class for having Biker parents!

    All in jest of course…

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