Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Uecker Style


Well, the Cubs lost their second series to the Brewers this season, but equally upsetting is what happened today during the 7th inning stretch.  Taking place at Wrigley Field, today’s game was the “rubber game” of the series.  Someone decided Bob Ueker, aka ‘the voice of the Brewers’ would be a good guest to come and lead the crowd in ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’.  Nevermind for a minute the events that took place during the song today; this decision doesn’t seem very wise to me from the get-go.  Bob Uecker was born and raised in Milwaukee.  He grew up watching the minor-league Milwaukee Brewers, and the first team he signed with in the major leagues was the Milwaukee Braves.  He’s been doing the play-by-play announcements for the Brewers on the radio since 1971, and still holds the job.  Why then, did someone deem it a good decision to have him come to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, to lead the crowd during the 7th inning stretch?  If we pretend the Chicago White Sox don’t exist 🙂  – the Cubs have their biggest rivalry with their neighbors to the north, the Milwaukee Brewers.  So why invite someone who has obviously been a lifelong Milwaukee fan to do the 7th inning stretch during a Cubs / Brewers game on Cubs turf?  I just don’t get it…

Here is a play by play of today’s incident.  Bob Ueker comes out to sing the 7th inning stretch.  Nothing seemed amiss, until the part in the song that goes, “root, root, root, for the Brewers”.  He actually said ‘root for the Brewers’ at Wrigley Field.  He was immediately BOOED LOUDLY by the crowd, of course, so then he sings, “you do the same for the Cubs” to the tune of the song, but by this point, the organist just gives up because now he’s out of tune and has lost the organist in the song.  In order to get back on track, he then proceeds to skip ahead, or maybe it’s because he realized it would be an even worse decision to say something like “if they don’t win it’s a shame” about the Brewers in Wrigley Field.  Either way, he skips ahead to “for it’s ONE, TWO, THREE (organist comes back into the song, hardly missing a beat except for the made-up lyrics) strikes you’re out at the old ball game!”  I had kids to tend to, so I didn’t see the entire fallout from the fiasco, but I did get back to the tv just in time to hear Ueker say, “I’m rooting for the Brewers, what do they want me to do, root for the Cubs?”  YES!  Of course the Cubs fans want you to root for the Cubs, especially at Wrigley Field!  And if you can’t do that, pretend!  And if you can’t pretend, then stay in Milwaukee!

Well, forget Bob Ueker and whoever invited him to Wrigley today – that person was probably fired before the beginning of the 8th inning anyway.  The Cubs are off to a great start this year, and I can only hope I get less busy so I can see more games because they are playing some great baseball, and it’s fun to watch!  I can only hope they beat the pants off the Cardinals who are in first place in the Cubs division by only a half game…  That series begins tomorrow and I will be watching – in between kid duties, of course!  GO CUBS!

5 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Uecker Style”

  1. BrewersFoLife

    “Harry must be rolling over in his grave.”

    Shut up!!….Harry would of loved it.

    Uecker did the same thing last year so this is nothing new, and the people at Wrigley knew he was going to that before they even asked him. It’s all in good fun so calm the f*ck down. I guess it’s in every Chicagoans blood to be a closed-minded ass so I’m really not suprised at your reaction.

    Also, the Brew Crew is taking the division this year so enjoy it at the top while you still can cuz it ain’t gonna last!!!


  2. I was not aware that he did that last year – he seemed apologetic, so I just assumed it was a first time thing. Everyone is entitled to follow the team of their choice, after all, that’s why there are so many teams in baseball. It remains to be seen who will take the division, but you are wrong about at least one thing – I AM NOT A CHICAGOAN!!!

  3. Sure you’re a Chicagoan, it’s in your blood! Okay, okay, only when it comes to the Cubs. Otherwise you’re more like me, a suburbanite who pretty much doesn’t like the city. You and C even went so far as to go in the other direction, to the modern rural life. And of course you’re lovin’ it. I am jealous… 🙂

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