Snow Day #11,572


Ok, I’m exaggerating just a tad on the number of snow days we’ve had, but that’s what it feels like by now!  I suppose with the new dog in the house, today was as good a day as any to have yet another snow day, but my poor husband is going to go crazy from shoveling all this snow!  It’s become almost a daily chore – just what he needed!  And, the weather guys are saying that they’re tracking ANOTHER system due here on Friday!  They won’t use the dreaded 4-letter “s” word though, it’s kinda funny.  They’ll just call it a “weather system” and “let’s see what it drops on us” – as if there’s any chance it will bring something other than snow (that dreaded 4-letter word!), yeah right.

Hubby and I braved the weather last night to venture out to a movie for date night.  Our date night is once a week on Tuesdays, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s snowed for the last like, 5 Tuesdays in a row, no exaggerating this time!  Last week,  our movie theater was CLOSED because of the snow – that stank.  Instead of having a nice dinner, we got snacks at KFC cuz we were running late for the movie, and then we got there, and they were closed!  So sick of this weather already!  What did that groundhog say again?!?  So anyway, we ventured to a neighboring town with a movie theater that’s a little bigger; that way we could be assured it would be open.  We saw Vantage Point, an action movie with Dennis Quaid, Forrest Whittaker, and Matthew Fox.  And speaking of Groundhog Day, if you’ve seen that movie, even though it’s a comedy, Vantage Point actually had something in common with it in that they kept showing the same scene over and over.  The point of the movie was to take the audience through an incident of terrorism, one persepective at a time.  Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox played secret service agents, and Forrest Whittaker was a tourist bystander who happened to catch everything on video.  It was a satisfying action movie – MUCH better than Gone Baby Gone…  I might actually say it was kinda like Groundhog Day meets In the Line of Fire, if you’ve seen that movie, since Dennis Quaid’s character had been through an assassination attempt on the President before and was jumpy – just like Clint Eastwood’s character in In the Line of Fire.  If you like action movies, this one won’t disappoint.  I was actually surprised there wasn’t a little more to the plot, and I can’t believe the constant violence earned it only a PG13 rating.  But when I think about it, I suppose you could see the same type of violence on tv any given night or even on cable during the day – it’s just what has happened to entertainment these days, I guess.  Vantage Point has constant action, the movie is never slow, and seeing the action from the different people’s perspectives (vantage points 🙂  get it?) was interesting and not at all confusing like I was concerned about.  I found something at the end of the movie incredibly hokey, but then again, that’s common in action movies, you gotta appreciate them for what they are.

7 thoughts on “Snow Day #11,572”

  1. I hope the schools are air conditioned for those extra days this summer… 😛

    I have to say I am glad we haven’t seen much snow here in the past week or so. I think the radio weatherguy mentioned a whopping 3/4 inch tonight though. I think I will just drive over that tomorrow morning rather than shovel it…

  2. That’s a nice idea… wonder what the neighbors would think of that? Living so close to downtown, we have lots of pedestrians, and I don’t have the nerve to let them fend for themselves thru the snow… of course, we’ve never had merely 3/4 inch to worry about!

  3. Less than one inch? No one would care. Besides, it will all melt on Sunday, err.. Monday now it seems (just checked and the next above-freezing day has been pushed back a day).

  4. WHAT?!? I knew they were tracking another system, but since they won’t use the s-word… I didn’t realize it was supposed to be that much! Wish I had put the noon weather on!

  5. Well, we had a little dusting last night, that was it. It was all gone by this afternoon. Nothing more than flurries over here until next week when two days of rain are predicted (highs in 40s). Sorry to hear about all your snow.

  6. yes – this next system is supposed to drop 6″+ – but they are being very vague – I think the weathermen are afraid of some sort of revolt from the viewers and the public if they say “snow”, so they’re just saying 1-3″ tomorrow, then continuing into Sat with significant storm accumulations possible. What the heck does that mean?!?

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