It’s a catch-22.  In this horrible economy, people are using the free resources provided by their local libraries more than ever.  However, in this horrible economy, governments are having trouble funding the free resources provided by local libraries.  Here in Ohio, Governor Strickland is contemplating a new state budget cut that would reduce our libraries’ funding by an additional 52%, and that’s on top of the 20% cut they’ve already seen in 2009.  With this kind of reduction in funding, obviously the libraries would not be able to function on the same level on which they are currently functioning, nor with the same hours.  If you live in Ohio, you can help the governor and congressmen know how harmful library funding cuts would be to each and every community in the state.  Here is some contact info to help you do  your part in saving the libraries:

Click here to  Contact the Governor’s Office
Contact the Governor’s Office by phone @ (614)466-3555
Fax the Governor @ (614)466-9354

State Senator Steve Buehrer
Phone: (614) 466-8150
For more information, click here:

Thank you for your help!  Closing library branches is harmful to communities in many ways and would affect everyone, even those who don’t use the libraries themselves.

9 thoughts on “SAVE OHIO LIBRARIES!”

  1. Serious problems here. The State of Ohio has a problem with a negative balance on the books. There need to be cuts made somewhere. Most likely everywhere. The library situation is just one part of the picture. We will be seeing other cuts soon. To Education, Law Enforcements, Roads and the list goes on.

    Without an upswing in the economy, this will just get worse. My question is what other cuts will be made if the libraries get some of the funding back? I haven’t seen an answer to that yet.

    Yes, the impact on libraries is severe, but is there something else that would be worse? I’m glad I’m not in politics.

  2. Of course there are worse things than libraries closing – this is obvious. But helping to save the libraries is something anyone can do for free and the negative impacts of such closures would be bad for our kids, our neighborhoods, property value, etc. I just think it’s very simple for Ohioans to write or call their congresspeople to let them know we need our libraries. Will it help? Who knows, but we definitely won’t know unless we at least try!

  3. Indeed, a small group can do little but if enough people voice their concerns to the right people someone will AT LEAST listen.

  4. I was just saying that one needs to check into this before going all out for 1 specific budget item. I guess I’m coming from a situation where what I do for a living depends on State government funding. Funding for all state government functions seems to be getting cut. Some, like the libraries, are cut at a more drastic rate. With less money coming in, less can be spent. What are you willing to cut if the libraries get the money?

    Remember there is only a limited amount. Who gets what slice of the pie? Myself, I would like to see the state tackle some of the hard issues. What services are really not needed? Should there be a wage freeze on all state employees? Should there be a straight percentage cut on all government agencies and funding?

    Yes, the libraries look to be taking a big hit, I can’t argue against that. But there are other places getting hit just as hard. It would be best to send a bigger message to our state reps, that we want responsible spending, not that we just want to save the libraries.

  5. Different things are important to different people – the library is important to me. I’m not an expert on state budget, far from it, so I don’t know where to get the money – I’m sure there are other funding options to be explored beyond the state level. I just think congressmen would be more likely to listen if Joe Public addresses one issue at a time rather than writing a general criticism of their work. A few years ago the libraries were in danger of closing, so I wrote to our state senator and got a nice personal reply in the mail. I’m not saying my letter helped, but the libraries stayed open and the congresswoman (or an intern) at least took the time to acknowledge my letter.

  6. Just a few other cuts in the works are education (K-12 and College), State Patrol, State Parks, Roads, Mental Health and Nursing Homes. I think the Nursing Homes are losing about the same as Libraries, but then again they have other funding. Of course there is some talk about eliminating other State Government Jobs.

    Over all it is not a good situation, and I don’t see any easy solution.

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