I should probably introduce myself, but right now I want to talk about something else. I might introduce myself next time. Anyway, I have a friend who at the moment is having a big decision to make. Her brother and sister-in-law have invited her down to Texas to be a live-in-nanny. Her brother is going over seas and her sister-in-law, I guess doesn’t want to come up here, like originally planned. I have a feeling that it might have something to do with me. I was friends once with my friend’s sister-in-law, but as seeing as she married my ex, she feels like I still want him back. If she comes up here, I believe that she is worrying about running into me after all she has said about me. I have been willing to forgive her, but she doesn’t want me to talk to her, so I have just let is slide right now.

Now, where was I? I seemed to have digressed. My friend doesn’t know what she wants to do. She has so many friends up here, plus her family, but jobs seem to be scarce up here and she needs money to keep going to school. School is expensive and she needs to continue to make money. I have been searching for a job for awhile now, but nothing seems to be available for me. Well, except if we both want to be truck drivers. 🙁 So, hopefully something will help her with her decision and we will still stay close while she is away.

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  1. Is the live in nanny job stable? I would be sure it was going to at least last 24 months with steady pay before considering a drastic move. Sound’s like the in-law, assuming the reason she doesn’t want to move is in fact you, should grow up a little. She is a mother and should not consider such silly things as (past) bad-mouthing an ex of her husband when making important decisions.

  2. Welcome to tangents! 🙂

    I don’t know about your friend – that is a really big decision of course – it’s really hard to just pick up and move to another state, especially if you don’t know anyone… but then again, if she doesn’t have children of her own, now would be as good a time as any to try it, and she could work out an agreement to do it on a trial basis at first…
    About you, I’ve heard DQ and Wgreens are hiring… Wgreens had someone up and quit unexpectedly just over a week ago, and they were desperate for full-time employment ASAP – unless they’ve filled it already.

  3. Talk with her as much as possible. You, of all people I know, should know the ins and outs of being a live-in Nanny. You’ve done it. You should know the strain it can put on good feelings you have toward all involved. If the feelings going into it are mixed, what would that do? Something for her to think about , don’t you think?

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