Optical Illusion Personality Test


This is pretty cool.  Watch the video and figure out which way the lady is spinning.  According to the video, if you see the lady spinning to the right, your right brain dominates and your thinking is black and white and fact-based.  If you see her spinning to the left, you are more creative and open to seeing “gray” areas.  Even if the personality assessment part is a bit off, the illusion is still cool to see.  Check it out:


Sounds simple, but for some people she keeps changing direction.  I saw her spinning counter-clockwise; I guess that would be considered left, but I could force myself to see her spinning in the other direction if I tried – weird!  Once you’ve established which direction you see her spinning, try to get your brain and eyes to switch it on you if you can!

2 thoughts on “Optical Illusion Personality Test”

  1. Time to quit acting and get a job in accounting. In other words, clockwise for me. Though I seriously doubt this has anything at all to do with what side of your brain you use.

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