Ok, I just thought this was neat..


I was just doing a little late night surfing and found this in the “Odd News section”. Seems like fighting beetles is a big thing.

After you see the video can you imagine the size of those beetles? According to Wikipedia, the Rhinoceros Beetle are among the largest beetles in the world. I don’t think I want to see something that big crawling around in my house.

I’m not sure I like the idea of beetle fights, but then again we still have one or two frog jumping contests in the US. Probably much the same.

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  1. Apparently these are common for Asian kids to have just as pets, let alone fight them. Also, the Wikipedia page didn’t show their size, but another page there on a particular species of Rhino Beetle- the Hercules Beetle can be over 4.5 inches long. One says up to 178mm which is about 7 inches- yikes!

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