Greasy Cheeseburgers


As most of my family knows, I have a thing about cheeseburgers. One of my friends and another blogger here, (Hey taylhis) talked about White Castle burgers. Well I saw them in the freezer section of our local supermarket. I just had to get some. When I got home this evening I cooked a couple up. It has been a few years since I’ve visited a White Castle, but the frozen ones were close to what I remembered. Not too bad for a quick snack. Not much more than that, but fun nostalgia.

Strange thing with this, is that my dog got very excited about the smell of the burger. He doesn’t normally have a vocal beg, he just likes looking at you with his big brown eyes, but he was very vocal when he smelled these burgers. I’ll have to see if it happens again when I cook up some more.

On a side note, anyone remember the Burger King Mini cheese burgers? I think I remember getting 6 bite sized burgers for a buck or two. Fun little burger.

Now that my diet is blown, anyone want a burger?

4 thoughts on “Greasy Cheeseburgers”

  1. Burger Buddies! 3 in a box – loved those! The frozen white castles are good and close to the real thing, but not quite there. had a bunch of recipes for them; including stuffing which we had for Thanksgiving last year – using the frozen ones of course. Couldn’t really tell the difference betweeen that and regular stuffing.

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