Fever Pitch


Originally this post was called “CUBS WIN!!!”  And I followed it up with: gee, I sure hope I’m not jinxing anything by posting this.  And as I was typing that, the dang Brewers scored 3 runs!  Now that I’ve changed the title of the post, the awful half-inning ended and the Cubs are now up with a chance to save the game and have one man on base.  Unfortunately for me, I will have to miss the finale and seeing if the Cubs pull it off because I can’t suspend my entire life for baseball, as much as I’d like to.  I already rearranged my schedule around this game today, and wouldn’t you know it, there were not one, but TWO rain delays, which is why the Cubs are still playing and why I have to miss the end of the game because my poor family has gone without dinner long enough!  So, hope for me and for the Cubs that they pull this off – I must say it’s starting to look good with 2 men on now and NO OUTS – this game has reached a fever pitch as their pitcher is starting to choke and walk Cubs out the wazoo….  OH MY GOSH – FUKUDOME JUST HIT A 3-RUN HOMER TO TIE THE GAME!!!  My daughter can stand in the rain waiting for me to pick her up, can’t she?  It’s opening day!  Is there an emoticon for fingers crossed?!?!?

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