Dodged a Bullet


Ohio was on the national news last week, and it wasn’t for politics.  CNN and the Weather Channel were talking about our state because of the major snow storm that befell Cleveland, not to mention the rest of the state – except us, for once!  Here in the Northwest corner of the state, we dodged a bullet this time.  Got about 2 inches only, and it didn’t affect driving conditions.  My husband didn’t even have to shovel since the wind blew it all off the sidewalks this time!  I hope it will stop snowing for the season soon, but if it doesn’t, any more “storms” like this are welcome any time!

2 thoughts on “Dodged a Bullet”

  1. We got about what was forcasted, and like I said, it all blew off the sidewalks and didn’t really affect us because we didn’t drive in it. My mom was wondering about us too – they were talking about on the news how weather channel had their live people in Cleveland who got socked.

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