Congratulatory Dinner


Our small hospital does offer at least one benefit when you have a baby there: the congratulatory dinner.  They have a woman who caters a dinner, and the nurses give you a choice if you want baby to join in or be babysat at the nurse’s station to give mom and dad a “date”.  Although the setting is in the hospital, they take you down to a special room that overlooks the city, and we’re not talking about hospital food!  This is gourmet, delicious, and for dessert, a cake to celebrate baby’s arrival.  The dinner was so good when we had my 21-month-old that I told my husband we have to take pictures next time because it was hard for our friends to believe that food this good existed in our small town.  But it does, and here are the pictures to prove it!  I only wish they sold it in the hospital cafeteria on a regular basis – now that would totally redefine the term “hospital food”!  By the way, those are giant shrimp in the picture that tasted like lobster; complete with a vat of butter for dipping.  And that isn’t a bottle of wine but sparkling grape juice, in case you were wondering why they would give a breastfeeding mom a bottle of wine 🙂 

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