Can you dance.


I think I will have to admit this video shows someone who can dance better than I do. It doesn’t really take a lot.

Dancing Parrot


I thought I knew how to embed a video, but I can’t seem to make it work.  Oh well, it is worth the time to click on it.

4 thoughts on “Can you dance.”

  1. Your posts bring me to tears….either out of sorrow, or in this case, of laughter!!!! That bird’s got rhythm!!! 🙂

  2. Wonder if there are any videos of dancing bears 😀 Wonder if our friend the scarlet macaw has ever grooved to the sounds of country music.

  3. That is funny! Unfortunately, our Scarlet friend is not good for anything much more than screaming and driving people crazy. He will bust a grove from time to time, but nothing like that! That bird did keep a good rhythm!
    And I’ve been having trouble embedding videos lately too – some of them have been disabling the embedding, at least that’s what my problem is.

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