Butts On The Floor – In The Grocery Store?


I don’t know how this memory came about, but recently I was thinking about how acceptable smoking used to be in our society.  You were allowed to smoke anywhere and everywhere – airplanes, restaurants, bowling alleys, and grocery stores, to name a few places.  Yes, I said grocery stores.  I have distinct memories of being a kid and playing with the floor at the grocery store.  I was playing with the floor because it had colored tiles on it that resembled a maze, and grocery shopping is so boring for a kid that there really isn’t anything else to do but look at the floor and play with it.  While navigating my maze on the floor, I distinctly remember seeing – and stepping around – cigarette butts.  People used to smoke cigarettes while shopping for food – ew.  So does that mean that all the food that was brought home had packaging that reeked of cigarette smoke?  It’s hard to imagine, especially given society’s view on smoking today.  But I remember it, and I’m really thankful that we’ve come such a long way.  I can no longer stand the smell of cigarette smoke, and if I had to smell it while shopping at Walmart, it would make the place that much more unbearable.

And while we’re on the topic of inappropriate places to smoke, that reminds me of something I forgot to mention in my Mummy movie review post.  While watching the movie, we kept smelling cigarette smoke; 2 or 3 times.  Someone was definitely smoking in the theater, but my question is, who would do something like that?  Was their addiction so out of control that they honestly couldn’t make it through an entire movie?  And we’re not talking about The Dark Knight, a movie that runs 2 ½ hours.  The new Mummy movie was not even over 2 hours, and someone couldn’t make it that long without a cigarette (or two or three)?  That sounds like a problem they should get help for.  At the very least, they should have stayed home then, where they could smoke all they wanted without bothering anyone else.  I was really irritated.  Not just because I hate the smell and wasn’t expecting to have to deal with it at a movie theater, but mostly because I had our new baby with me and I didn’t want his innocent lungs poisoned with cigarette smoke.  I never saw who was doing it, but I suspected maybe it was some rebellious teenagers doing it because they could get away with it.  But I didn’t see any teenagers leaving the theater.  I tried to smell everyone that walked by, but I came up with no suspects.  Oh, well…  if it happens again, I think I’ll report it; I just didn’t feel like missing the movie.  And I really didn’t think that after the first cigarette they’d go ahead and light another…  How utterly rude and completely thoughtless.  I hope the culprit saw the baby on the way out and felt guilty…  but I’m sure that someone with the nerve to smoke in a movie theater wouldn’t care enough to regret it.

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  1. Where was the usher with his flashlight when you needed him/her? Reminds me of the fellow who comes into the store 2/3 times on my shifts and buys a pack of Basic Full Flavor 100s. Every time I see him, I immediately head over to the cig. rack. Rather sad… I keep saying that the price alone would make me quit.

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