APB On My Retractable Sharpie!


If I had to name my most useful kitchen tool, I think I would probably choose my retractable Sharpie.  Sharpies are those permanent markers with the thin tip – they’re very useful, and you can use them without making a mess of everything unlike regular permanent markers.  Well, some genius invented a retractable Sharpie – no cap to mess with, just click the end and it’s ready to use – a brilliant invention, really.  I used mine in my kitchen multiple times daily for various things – until it up and disappeared!  I used it mostly for labeling the date on leftovers, among other things, and I had even grown to love the clicking noise it made…  how I miss that!

I have a few suspects; namely three little girls who have been trying to get their hands on my retractable Sharpie since I got it!  But I have no real leads, and no idea where to look for it.  All I know is that I miss it!  Like I said, I used it several times per day, and it’s just not the same to have to open the cap on a regular Sharpie.  Actually, last night I was physically unable to open the cap on the regular Sharpie – had to have my husband do it – because it was on too tight and I injured my finger.  Since I only had one free hand at the time, the retractable Sharpie would have come in handy yet again!  In fact, this will have to be a short post since it hurts to type everything with my left pointer finger ever since I sliced the tip off the other night.  I told you I was terribly uncoordinated – see my previous post if you don’t believe it.  Which is why I NEED my retractable Sharpie back!  If you’ve seen it, please contact me ASAP!  Tipsters will remain annonymous!

5 thoughts on “APB On My Retractable Sharpie!”

  1. You should check with your kids as soon as possible. Once the youngest finds out how to click it, you may have permanent sharpie marks all over the place.

  2. Or the youngest may have Sharpie all over HER. As a Cubs fan it maybe that it may gotte thrown in a momentary emotional outburst? Or, perhaps one of our four-legged chums found it and is holding it for ransom?

  3. That would normally be quite possible I suppose, except that I’ve been so busy so far this season that I’ve hardly been able to watch any games – just seen bits and pieces! I have developed a theory that maybe Dis threw it in the garbage as she sometimes likes to do with things and it got inadvertently thrown out. Most things are heavy in the garbage so I usually catch them before I take the garbage out, but not the Sharpie 🙁
    RIP Retractable Sharpie

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