The Mole Week #4


SPOILER ALERT!!! – The following is a summary of Monday, June 23rd’s episode of The Mole – it contains outcomes and spoilers.  Do not read any further if you don’t want to know about past Mole episodes.

6/23/08 – The focus tonight was on Clay and Victoria.  Since Victoria ended up getting eliminated, the episode’s emphasis on Clay put my mole-suspecting focus back on him.  That and his mole-y behavior.  Before the gold-brick-up-the-mountain challenge, Clay made sure to talk about how little money he wanted his team to earn.  He was so focused on getting up the mountain to win the exemption from the quiz that he specifically said that bringing bricks to earn money was not important.  That’s understandable, but then when they did get to the top of the mountain, and Clay already knew that his team had won the exemption, he was still making comments about how much money his team had won.  And his comments were about how the team won too much money for his liking.  Then, when it was discovered that the team had earned only one exemption and they had to decide which of the 3 got to use it, Clay both insisted to and bargained with his teammates in order to be able to use the exemption for himself.  That seems like something the mole would do in order to “prove” his or her “need” for the exemption – ie, throw others off his mole-y trail.

I hated how Nicole was Ahem-ing and blinking rapidly during the journal question activity at dinner, but then again, I hate many of the things she does.  I hadn’t really considered her for the mole until my husband brought up a very intriguing point – Take a look at Nicole’s name: NICOLE.  It’s very easy to change Nicole’s name to MOLE with a simple equation:  If you “add” the N to the I, it makes an M.  If you “add” the C to the O, it makes an O:  (N+I )(C+O) LE= MOLE
The show has been known for slipping in little clues like this in the past.  They will even highlight some of them in the finale once we find out who the mole is.  Now I am really starting to consider Nicole.  Her ultra-bitchy attitude could be a ploy for the cameras because she is the mole.  She was just the woman you love to hate, so as an audience member, you don’t want to think her awful personality if fake because you’re busy hating her.  But it’s just a thought for now; I will keep a close eye on her now, that’s for sure.  For tonight’s official guess, I’m going to have to go with Clay again.  Chris is still guessing Paul.  Though that Nicole hypothesis is a good one, I guess it wasn’t enough to convince him of Nicole’s role as the mole.  Until next week…

6 thoughts on “The Mole Week #4”

  1. I think Nicole is too outspoken and callls way too much attention to herself to be the mole. I beginning to think it is Paul. Last night, he seemed to switch very quickly to a semi-likable character (unlike previous weeks) by showing some concern for Craig and jumping into the “Selfless” group? He does not seem very selfless to me.

  2. I think Mark is the Mole. He over exaggerates all of his emotions and he gave up 500 dollars in one of the challenges. I think that he tried on the first few challenges to keep away suspicion but he may begin to start moving downhill in the challenges. Mark is one person who you take out because he said he was doing this for his family which may earn him money just from being there. Also in the past few challenges he hasn’t had to do anything to make sure their team fails.

  3. Interesting… If Mark is the mole, then he’s a great one because from week #1, I had crossed him off my list and said to myself, he is DEFINITELY not the mole – don’t know why, just seems high strung, I guess. I don’t really have a good reason for thinking it’s not him.

  4. Did anyone else notice two interesting sites in 6-23’s episodes? At the first dinner at La Estancia De Elias Resturant the camera zoomed in on the sign outside the resturant. However standing in the doorway below is the silhoute of a man too small to be craig and clay. Though at the 2nd dinner appearing in the reflection of a wine glass during camera panning was upside down image of Kristin. Hmmmm???

  5. I did not notice either of these things, but now I will have to watch it again and look. It’s stuff like this that makes this show so awesome! Thanks for your posts, keep them coming!

  6. Another thing I think is that Paul could be the mole because he is a very confusing person and in the opening credits the at the end when it says “who is the mole” and the words appear at different times but when “the mole” comes up it shows a silhouette of someone who looks just like him.

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