The Smurfiest Smurf That Ever Smurfed A Smurf


Can you believe that the Smurf’s are 50 years old and will soon be making a big comeback?  They were officially created in 1958 by a Belgian gentleman named Peyo.  There is going to be a new feature length motion picture as well as a new animated series.  However, gone will be the hand painted animation of the 80s and early 90s.  The little blue creatures will now be given the 3D treatment.  Also in the redux will be other Smurfs of the gentle sex.  Although I do recall a smurfling named Sassette who joined Smurfette and I was just informed that there was a Nanny Smurf.  As I recall, Smurfette was originally not a Smurf at all but was a creation of the evil wizard Gargamel in one of his nefarious plots to capture the blue critters and make gold.

3 thoughts on “The Smurfiest Smurf That Ever Smurfed A Smurf”

  1. And with them, the return of the “naked smurf” ice cream! 😀 As a freshman at band camp too long ago, that is what they called the blue moon ice cream.

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