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I know that the transplanting of television series from one country to another is nothing new. However, I just found out today that one of the most popular reality series is not actually American based. Apparently, “Survivor” is a Swedish import (based on the series “Expedition Robinson” from the classic novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe) and had its initial run in 1997 before becoming Americanized and thus creating yet another series that needs no writers nor professional actors. Only people crazy enough to eat live scorpions, brains, intestines and attempt dangerous stunts. How many seasons has this been on the air and how many versions on how many different continents? If Jeff Probst took his teams to Antarctica, I would possibly watch. However, it seems you have to be placed in a more tropical locale to survive.

Whatever happened to the plot-driven series of the past? It seems that for every ” The Office” there is another hideous flesh-peddling “Bachelor”(which is not available on DVD, thank you very much) which at times seems reminiscent of the by-gone nighttime soaps of the 80s that were full of catfights, padded dresses, and rich, boozing business people. “Three’s Company,” “All in the Family,” and “Too Close for Comfort” are three shows from the past that were based on shows from other countries that are not reality based. But, I guess as long as producers find it more economical to keep rolling out new and improved reality series they will continue.

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  1. Yes, I know the office was imported…. obviously not all British imports are as successful in their native country.

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