Party Like It’s 1985


I found while looking at my email today:

Teen Wolf available for download soon on itunes.

Ok, call me curious or naive, but I opened the file and… sure enough it IS going to be available for download.  However, the picture definitely was not of Michael J. Fox nor whoever his leading lady was (she must have had a sterling career).  So I figured that it was another in a long line of endlessly uncalled for remakes.  I did enjoy the original… one of my favorite MJF films (aside from the Back to the Future trilogy, of course). The sequel (with Jason Bateman if I remember correctly) was a waste of the ticket price and I don’t recall ever watching the cartoon. … YES, there was even a cartoon. 😀

My curiosity led me to where I discovered that it is not in fact a movie, but a live action television series being unveiled by none other that MTV (why it is still called Music Television is still beyond me) set to premiere in June.  I think I will pass on this one.  And tempting though it is, I do not think I will mention the needle in a haystack faux pas that slipped passed the sensors in the original.

5 thoughts on “Party Like It’s 1985”

  1. BOOF!
    You said you wouldn’t mention it, but the last sentence of your post slipped over my head, so I didn’t know quite what you meant.
    I wouldn’t watch this even if I didn’t have a policy of never watching MTV.
    Teen Wolf is one of those movies that I enjoyed as a kid but would find it inappropriate to show to my own kids – don’t even have to try it to realize that, I just remember.
    I knew about the cartoon, and the Bateman sequel. Don’t think I watched the cartoon, and the sequel was dumb.
    Can’t believe they’re doing a remake. I also read about yet another Carrie remake the other day. Ironically, we just watched the made-for-tv remake the other day, and I like it better than the original version. Why the world needs a 2011/2012 version of Carrie and Teen Wolf, I do not know.
    Seems like everything is being remade these days: Arthur, Mr. Popper’s Penguins… where is the originality in Hollywood gone?

  2. While I enjoyed Teen Wolf, I really don’t think it is really worthy of another attempt to bringit to any screen.

  3. AGREED! As far as originality? I don’t think the word exists anymore. I think every other show is either a remake, reboot, sequel, what have you. Not necessarily a good or bad thing, just an observation 😉

  4. Don’t forget superhero movies- they have also been a staple for the last few years, and not just the superhero remakes and sequels. To borrow from you, it isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, just an observation. 🙂

    I don’t know what the faux pas was either, but I did watch both movies and of course the first was much better. I think I may have watched one or two of the cartoons out of curiosity back then.

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