I May Be Smarter Than But I Am Not A Better Gamer Than A 5th Grader


Tonight I had the privilege(?) of watching my brother’s three children (ages 3, 9, & 12). Pretty wild until about 8 o’clock when I stated that it would be silent while we watched “Smallville” after playing the Wii.  I did pretty well but got my brains beat in by a 5th grader playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl.  This is DEFINATELY NOT my Super Mario Brothers game. Speaking of getting beaten by a 5th grader., I allowed the two oldest tykes to stay up and watch “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”  This is a very fun show with America’s redneck, Jeff Foxworthy, serving as host.  Tonight’s first contestant was a very pregnant female who seemed to draw inspiration by rubbing her belly.  I hate true or false questions: “Africa is the only continent where elephants exist naturally in the wild.”  Katherine eventually answered enough questions with the help of 3 of the five 5th grade students to win $50,000.The second contestant did not fare as well.  The orange grower needed help on his first three questions.  If not for the assistance of two 11 year olds, Vince would have been one of the poor, unfortunate souls who left the show with zip, zero, nada.  “How many times does the letter z appear in the word (lizard)?” Vince’s answer: 2.  Two other equally challenging questions followed.  The orange man did however manage to go home with $25,000.All in all a comparatively calm night to some I have had with the three little darlings. Since spring break begins tomorrow, I do not think big brother would mind the kids staying up one hour past their bedtime. Who knows when he will return from his poker game?   

6 thoughts on “I May Be Smarter Than But I Am Not A Better Gamer Than A 5th Grader”

  1. FALSE – elephants also exist naturally in the wild in Asia.

    And, rubbing oneselve’s (is that a word?) pregnant belly increases the blood flow and gets some back to the brain – something we’ve been missing for a few months!

  2. EXCELLANT…. that was Elizabeth’s response 🙂 We are at least as smart as a 3rd grader. very fun to watch with kids to see how much they know. I think it would be one’s pregnant belly… not that I would ever have to worry about rubbing my pregnant belly.

  3. Skipping over the last part of your blog because I haven’t seen the episode yet… I regularly watch this, but if they keep having no $million winner this might change, plus there are too many celebrity and repeat nights (when a $0 flunkout comes back to try again).

    There is a newer family game show now on NBC, called “My Dad is Better than your Dad.” Not sure how long this one will last though.

    Which one is in 5th grade, if may I ask? Around here 5th grade is 10/11. Age 9 would be 3rd/4th grades and 12 would be 6th/7th…

  4. I agree derek…. that seems to be the case with most prime time game shows…. too may “special” episodes. I have caught the “Dad” show a few times (looks reminiscent of an updated Double Dare). Joshua turns 12 on April 9th… is in 5th grade could easily be one of the classmates on 5th Grader.

  5. I remember Double Dare! Very fun show to watch. Very messy too. On Dad though, it seems like the Dad does most of the work.

    Agewise, Joshua would be an opposite from Nathan then, who apparently is the youngest. Jeff constantly says he is nine years old. He definitely seems smart enough to have skipped a grade.

  6. Joshua is definitely bright enough to have passed a grade (sometimes I think he is too bright for his own good).

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