Fire…. Bon Fire


A new hilarious episode of “The Office” was on tonight. I am now watching reruns on Tuesday nights and decided to see if I could follow the new episodes as well. Happily enough, I enjoyed the new episode tremendously. Tonight’s episode featured the absolute worst dinner party you can imagine. Michael even had to stage a revolt to his superiors in order to get Jim and Pam and another couple I am not familiar with to come to his and Jan’s place. Apparently, none of Michael’s “friends” were too keen on going. Poor Dwight was the only person in the office who wanted to attend and was not invited.

The party featured a tour of Jan and Michael’s abode. Bon fire scented candles, anyone? And Michael’s mini-plasma screen television hanging near his multiple (?) Dundee trophies… both of which he is exceedingly proud. The party kicked into high gear with a game that resembled charades but the performer was able to speak.

By the end of the party, there was a party crasher and his “date”, domestic squabbling, and enough staring to make anyone think that the worst party they have ever been to was 1000% better. That is what make “The Office” one of the funniest shows on television. The writers take a horrible situation and exaggerate it to the point where it becomes hilarious.

3 thoughts on “Fire…. Bon Fire”

  1. Have you seen the Dundies episode?!? That one is a must-see. We’ll have to have more Office screenings soon… not this weekend though, it’s shot for us, so no game night either

    Yesterday’s episode was good, as they all are, however, Chris and I were thinking it was probably the least funny episode there is! It sounds like a put-down, but for a show this good, it’s not, really…. Every episode can’t be downright uproarious, right? Just seems like the writers might be a little rusty. And I was thinking maybe it has to do with the action not taking place in the Office, but there is a cruise ship episode that is hilarious, so that theory didn’t pan out… glad you enjoyed it… we did too, don’t get me wrong, just not a favorite.

  2. By the way, Jane’s Bon Fire scented candle (hilarious) gave Chris and I an idea, since he’s like, ooh, that’s a good idea, and I was like, eww.
    Since it seems like something men would like, they should make a line of manly scented candles – mandles – because women like floral and fruit scents, and men would like bon fire and stuff like that.

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