“Exactly Awesome” BUT Do Not Read Until You Have Seen Episode 3 Of Season Seven!



If you have yet to watch Season 7, Episode 3 of The Office… DO NOT PROCEED.  There is a great abundance of spoilage here!

WOW!  WHAT AN EPISODE!  The opening musical number was even better than the season premiere’s.  If they can keep them coming like this, then the should open every episode this way.  In an attempt to win the heart of Erin back from Gabe, Andy auditions for and snags the role of Anthony in Sweeney Todd.

The entire office staff (minus one) takes in the final performance of the community theatrical production.  The lead role is played by a ringer who just happened to be Darryl’s plumber.  This would not have been such a dramatic turn of events had Michael not auditioned for the role, himself.  His reaction during the curtain call is classic!  Check out Mr. Scott’s hilarious audition during the closing credits.

Unfortunately, Erin is unable to attend the performance.  Jim and Pam have baby-sitting problems and the receptionist volunteers her services.

Andy’s performance and bits of singing are tremendous. “I feel you… Johanna.” On stage, one of the most annoying things that could happen from the audience of a live performance (and I have been on-stage as it happened) happens to Andy while he is on stage.  “I killed it!”

I loved this episode!  One of my favorites by FAR!  I can definitely relate to Andy: disappointment when his co-workers “cannot make it” to the performance;  seeing them in the audience; hoping beyond hope that “that person” can somehow make it.  I’m sure that the audience member sitting next to Dwight found his whispering annoying.

Wouldn’t it be a riot if Michael did keep auditioning with his normal brand of hilarity and was cast in a musical?  HMMM… possibly the plot device for his exit?

View and download the colorful playbill of the Loose Screw Playhouse production of Sweeney Todd

3 thoughts on ““Exactly Awesome” BUT Do Not Read Until You Have Seen Episode 3 Of Season Seven!”

  1. Good episode, though not one of my favorites. I really enjoyed seeing the Office crew at a community theater production, but I could have done without so much of the actual production and more Office people – that’s just me. I knew you would love it!
    Personally, I identified with the babysitting problems.
    Creed’s review submission during intermission is HILARIOUS!!

  2. I just watched it- can I comment now? OK then. That was a funny creed bit, but of course pointless since it was the last show. I too have been bringing my phone on stage, but it’s more of a lack of trust in leaving it in the dressing room. Besides, I can play some apps when I’m not on stage. 😉

    I do silence it though- always, and people rarely call me anyway. Okay, I should really trust them by now and I also have a book to read so maybe I will do the right thing and leave it upstairs this weekend.

    I still don’t care to see Sweeney Todd… 😮

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