Creed In The Stockroom With A Dundee



Tonight’s episode put me in the mood for one of those infrequent murder mystery game nights. But seeing that our poor hosts are under a self-imposed quarantine, this will have to wait…. get well soon.  It seems that the gang from Dunder-Mifflin Scranton Branch are under the impression that the company is on the road to financial disaster.  Much to co-manager Jim’s dismay, our beloved leader devises a plan to put the teams mind at ease: A Murder in Savannah.

Each associate is given a character with props to create using their imagination.  Naughty Nellie Nutmeg, Nathaniel Nutmeg, and VooDoo Mama Juju are a few.  Guess who gets to play Caleb Crawdad, handsome playboy.  As usual, hilarity ensues in the face of turmoil.

The outcome of the company will likely take a few episodes to decide as will the undertones of the Andy/Kelly “Erin” relationship.

Perhaps it is all a ploy to advertise the newest edition of the classic board game Clue.  And check out the cool new look of the Tangents homepage and check into starting a blog of your own… it’s FUN!

4 thoughts on “Creed In The Stockroom With A Dundee”

  1. Thank goodness for your disclaimer and for your post in general – I started reading, and this was my reminder about the new episode – we had totally forgotten! Well, the Bears played last night (sort of), and we’ve been busy with illness, so I guess that’s what happened. But what a nice surprise to find we had a new ep to watch! And an awesome one, at that! The Office does a boxed murder mystery, how funny is that?!? And I can’t believe you forgot to mention that they had the same thing happen as our attempt – the tape gave it away before we were done playing!!!

  2. D’OH… i did forget that little item, but hey more for comments. I did watch the last quarter of the Bears attempt at playing… sorry C.

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