Conan’s Last Stand

Tonight at 12.35 eastern time will be Conan O’Brien’s final late show before he takes over the once coveted 11.35 slot from Jay Leno. I’m not sure how coveted the slot is but can well remember the battle between Leno and Letterman after the late great Johnny Carson retired. Fascinating that I do not see either host lasting nearly as long as the King of Late Night. Of course, Jay will soon be coming to Prime Time in some form. I prefer Dave when I feel so inclined.

I do have a connection to Mr. O’Brien. During my first adventure in New York City, a group went on the NBC studio tour. One of the other members of my group knew one of the writers on the show personally and we went to his office and scored tickets to that night’s telecast. I do remember that Dennis Miller was one of the guests and I sat in the middle of the third row. Tonight’s guest list does not seem to make me want to sit up and watch. The guide lists The White Stripes as the performers. Unless it is a group of performing zebras, I think I will pass.[poll id=”17″]

8 thoughts on “Conan’s Last Stand”

  1. Ever the weird one, I have never watched any of those shows. I’ve seen clips of course, but never an entire episode. Why am I weird? Well, I never watched Saturday Night Live, I don’t watch American Idol, or go for a lot of pop culture for that matter. I don’t know why.

  2. Not to worry, derek. I have lost interest in most of them. I only catch peeks of Idol anymore…if that. I quit watching SNL years ago as for the rest….

  3. When I do stay up that late, the TV is on just for noise. For the longest time I could only get Letterman, so it wasn’t much of a choice. I haven’t seen any late night host with the talent of J Carson.

  4. If the kids are finally in bed at that time, we watch play catchup with other shows we watch regularly (like The Office or Lost) or watch movies. When I’m in bed, I like to listen to Nancy Grace (the show, not the person) or other true crime shows. And when I used to watch late night shows, I always preferred Leno – like the headlines. Except when Jack Hanna was on Letterman – that was always a hoot.

  5. I like to check the guest list… if something appeals to me on either, I try to stay up. Letterman’s Top 10 Lists have long since gone stale. But, I too like to catch Jack’s appearances.

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