And I Thought The Sky Safari Was Cool!


The Sky Safari is an aerial ride at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It’s like a chair-lift at a ski resort, but lose the snow and add views of zoo animals; including zebra, ostrich, wildebeest and lions.  I rode on it earlier this summer with my daughters, mom and uncle, and we all loved it.  Speaking of travel, I’ve heard from a bunch of my Ohio friends about how beautiful the Hocking Hills area is in the southeastern part of the state.  We probably won’t have a chance to visit this year, even though I’ve heard that it’s just gorgeous in the fall.  It might have to go on the “to-do” list though after I found out they have this; a 2-hour zip line tour through the treetops!  Check it out – the first part of the video is the training and orientation, they really get going around the two-minute mark if you want to fast forward.  But it looks like something I think I would try!

4 thoughts on “And I Thought The Sky Safari Was Cool!”

  1. 2 *hours* on a zipline!? Doesn’t sound all that zippy to me, but I’m sure it’s fun! I’ll have to watch the video. The zipline at our camp is a mere 15 seconds or so in comparison…

  2. Knowing the area fairly well, this could be a very exciting trip. With wonderful hills, gorges and waterfalls in the area, a two hour zipline tour would just scratch the surface. I could see setting something like this up for multiple day trips.

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