You are what you eat?


Well, I am no stranger to trying new and, what for some would be, exotic foods. I generally enjoy trying new things to eat, even when I don’t enjoy the taste. There have been a large number of foods that I really like, that if I had failed to try, I never would have known the taste sensations.

From A (for Ants), to Z (normal zoo animals — Hippo and crocodile), I have tried many different foods. Other than zucchini, I can’t really recall any Z foods, maybe someone could enlighten me. After the extreme recycling I wrote about I didn’t think I could see an article about food that would just turn me off. But I found one. The problem for me is that I have tried almost everything else, why wouldn’t I try this. I have eaten bugs, so why not rats? I guess that would be one way to make sure the rat population stays in check. They would no longer be just pests, but a food source. Maybe I’ll have to try some… Can’t be any worse than squirrel can it? After all a Squirrel is just a rat with a fuzzy tail right?

5 thoughts on “You are what you eat?”

  1. I think I’ll make it a practice to not eat anything I’d like as a pet someday… but then again, they say pigs make good pets, and I’ve eaten pigs, so…

  2. No Survivor shows for me, some of the stuff they have to eat, they don’t cook… Most of the bugs I’ve eaten were at least dead. Some roasted, some fried, and some just swallowed when riding my dirt bike or some other open cockpit transportation.

  3. I remember the Six Flags park doing something a few years ago for Fright Fest where you could get in for free by eating a hissing cockroach, or something like that.

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