Wow was that a long day


I had to make a trip to Columbus, Ohio for work today. So the day started out extra early and involved a 3+ hour drive this morning. I started out at 4:50 am to get to the State Capitol between 8:00 and 9:00. The drive was so much fun after getting just 4 hours of sleep last night. I went to bed early but woke up 2 hours later and had trouble getting back to sleep. Warm milk and stuff added does nothing for me.

7 hours of meetings later, and I’m on my way home. Just pulled in and got settled. I don’t think I want to drive anywhere for a while. The day was too long.

I did see lots of deer today included the 5 that thought the road would be a good place to stand just after sunset. I now know that my truck still has good breaks and my reaction time isn’t too shabby. Just one more thing that added to the length of the day. I’m just waiting for the next ‘thing’ to happen. Maybe I should go to bed before it occurs.. Naah, it will still happen.

Good night folks.

3 thoughts on “Wow was that a long day”

  1. I was extra tired yesterday for some reason – maybe there was something in the air? But you said you didn’t sleep well, and I stayed up late for the Oscars, though not too much later than usual, I just don’t know… I was too tired to really enjoy the “me” time that follows my very busy day of chasing little ones – I hate when that happens. I feel better today, and hope you do also; hopefully you got some good sleep.
    Too bad you only got to go to Columbus for a day of meetings. I would be tempted to stop in and say “hi” to some manatees at the zoo 😉

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