Why do I live in the woods?


Back in June I started to post about some wildlife adventure. I never got back to it, but the story was strange enough, so I will keep it in this post.

As I sit here listening to the rain hit the ground outside, I am reminded of all the good things about living in the middle of nowhere. I really like the time I have by myself, and being away from the hubbub of the world is a welcome relief. I’m just sitting here enjoying a peaceful day.

There were turkeys and deer in behind the house this morning. Even the dog’s barking did not hurry them on. They kept their pace, eating, smelling and doing whatever those animals do. Like I said, a peaceful day.

The place here is full of memories. Memories of my girls growing up. Memories of family. This is a place of laughter and tears, it lives.

I’ve had some problems living in the woods over the years that most people won’t see, but they were worth it to me. It is my little place of refuge from the world outside. Yes, I think I could be a hermit, if there was just someway to make a living at it. I don’t feel like the hunter/gatherer type. I like a few creature comforts. Heat, food, internet… But the isolation… I could live with that….

The sound of the rain, what a calming affect that has.

I had a little adventure with the local wildlife today. A chipmunk decided that the airfilter on my truck would make a good place to rest. It may have been, but wasn’t after I started the engine. Poor little thing. The truck didn’t care for it either. Sad for the chipmunk and sad for my wallet. It was quite a bill to get the truck running again. Something I could have done myself, if I had just realized what it was. The sad part about this. It happened before. The last time is was only a nest, no little animals. Same symptoms, same hurt to the wallet. All I can say is I should have known.

4 thoughts on “Why do I live in the woods?”

  1. Hmm… and here I thought it was that other hobby of yours that kept you in the middle of nowhere. Of course, I suspect that you would not comment on the body count 😀

    But my oh my you really are having a time with that truck, aren’t you?

  2. Maybe time to take up a practice of slapping your hood a few times and yelling something silly to get rid of any unwanted hitchhikers before you start your truck. Only something to do in your isolation though, otherwise people at work would really talk.
    I always wanted to live on a farm, but I’m starting to change my mind as I get older – too much hard work, and besides, I watch too many horror movies. Those thrive on isolation plot set-ups and I would get way too creeped out if I lived in the country! Wouldn’t mind a nice isolated vacation home retreat though… something to put on the “someday if I come into a lot of money” list 😉

  3. The (next) chipmunk would just as likely burrow deeper in if shaken up and yelled at, but it *is* something to try. Seems like you should make the truck less attractive to them somehow. Wolf pee anyone? At least I think I have heard of that being used by people.

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