Whoa!!! I use this stuff!


While scanning the news sites today I found this.

I’ve taken that stuff through the years. The heaviest usage was during my most depressing time of life!! The allergy season of 2004 was extremely bad for me. I took Singular for the entire Spring thru Fall (Last Frost to First Frost). I’m very glad (my girls are probably glad too) that I never had that side affect. Suicidal is something I’ve never been. Hell, I’ve been so depressed I couldn’t find my own socks in the morning, and they were right in the sock drawer where they’ve always been. I’ve put things in ‘safe places’ never to find them again. I went through at least 1 year on pure instinct. I’m surprised the people I met then still talk to me… Then again, the depression medication I was on had the same warning about suicide. Scary to take a med to help depression, that could cause thoughts of suicide.

Guess I have to talk with my Dr. before the allergy season starts up again…

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