Warm Fall Days, Cool Fall Nights


These are days I now enjoy. Just a couple of years ago, this time of year was devastating to me. It was a time of year I called the beginning of the end. Somewhere around this time of year is when my wife started having neck and shoulder pain. No known cause, it would come and go. Sometimes severe, and sometimes not. It wasn’t until mid November that we actually knew the cause of the pain was Cancer. I don’t dwell on that as much now, I am now able to see some of the good times from that last year and other fall days and nights.

This was always the time of year for hot beverages in the evening. Tea, hot cider, coffee on occasion, and when it got just a touch of frost in the air hot chocolate would be made. This was also a time for Chili, Stews and Soups. The heat of the summer was fading, and hot meals were more desirable. Cooking didn’t seem like the chore it was in the summer. Sitting close on the couch huddled under a throw, because we just didn’t want to turn on the heat just yet. Making that first fire in the fireplace. Sharing wine, laughter and our own comforts. These days are fondly remembered.

Walking in the fallen leaves, breathing in that fall smell. Listening to the crunch of the leaves. Watching animals prepare for winter. Taking in a corn maze or two. One more trip to the local zoos before we had to bundle every one up. Unscheduled days off, just because the weather was beautiful that day. Memories of a special time of year.

This year finally removed some of the shadow that had fallen hard on this time of year. Maybe, just maybe some of the shadows will be lighter as the year comes back to that one fateful day.

Life goes on and some peace makes its way back in.

3 thoughts on “Warm Fall Days, Cool Fall Nights”

  1. Yes… remembering and cherishing those great moments we spend with our loved ones creates some of the best feelings… no matter how trivial they seem to others.

  2. The story of my father and his own lost battle with the big C is similar. We found out I think in December over ten years ago. He was gone in March the following year.

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