Tunnel Vision


I got new glasses today, but I’m not sure I like them. I’m getting to an age (49+) where I need a bit more than reading glasses (Maybe). Since my first set of bifocals caused all sorts of problems for me (those dang lines were always in the way), I now have a set of progressive lenses. I will admit that they help my distance vision a bit, but I had to check a few time to make sure it was an improvement. I also don’t need to cock my head at a funny angle to read or use the computer. All good things.

The problem I am having is a sense of tunnel vision while I read or do computer work. This is not quite as annoying as the bifocal lines, but it is annoying. Then there is a small little thing that I have to turn my head while reading on a computer, or any other semi-wide item (even the backs of DVD boxes). I may get used to this, but it may cause problems since at work I do a lot of glancing between two different screens. With my reading (non bifocal) glasses, I can just shift my eyes to where I want to look. The new glasses I have to turn my head to keep everything right in front of me. I get some time to check these out so I guess I will do that. I need to find out how long I get. I may end up trading these for a pair of reading glasses, and maybe some just for computer work. I’m not sure right now.

The one benefit to these glasses, if I get used to wearing them, I will never be without my reading glasses… I’m just not sure about the tunnel vision..

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