Traffic in Nowhere Kentucky


We made it back from Florida in one piece, but the trip back was a bit of an adventure. This will be a short update with more to follow.

Today started out well. I spent the night with my oldest sister and we were able to talk about this and that. Just sharing some family time. It was a delight. My youngest and I got up early to try to avoid the rush hours in Cincinnati (some 7 hours away). The initial drive started so well. Light traffic, wonderful weather and plenty of coffee. I was good to go.

It was all good until we got to Kentucky. Somewhere near our entry to the State we stopped for lunch and a bit of a stretch. All was still good, and then it started to rain. This was somewhere near the Cumberland Gap on I-75 (if anyone knows their geography). A good bit of rolling hills, steep grades and steep rock faces on the side of the highway (complete with ‘falling rock’ notices). This slowed the traffic considerably. And it also had the benefit of bunching it up nicely. It rained about halfway through the state of Kentucky and then we had a lane shift to go from 3 lanes to 2. Traffic slow down. Little did I know there was a bit of construction just ahead that took the traffic from 2 lanes to 1!!! Major traffic stoppage!!. We were bumper to bumper stop and go traffic for 15 miles of Nowhere Kentucky. No exits, no rest areas, no way out of the middle lane. That took over 1 and 1/2 hours.

Needless to say, we hit Cinci just at the beginning of rush hour…..

5 thoughts on “Traffic in Nowhere Kentucky”

  1. traffic – YUCK!!! Glad you made it ok. Now you can unwind with a Tigers game tonight… but I will have to say “Go Cubs!” Sorry 😉

  2. More adventure — Sort of

    I went to start my truck this morning and the battery was dead. I’m assuming a light was left on in the cab, but I’m not sure. It may just be a dead battery.

    I plugged in one charger this morning and got nothing. I tested the charger and it wasn’t producing any current. I put on my trickle charger, but that takes all day (and then some).

    Finally borrowed a “Jump Box”. I hope that works….

  3. Maybe your truck is on strike, protesting the traffic and long trip…

    Here’s hoping the “strike” ends peacefully!

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