Too many thoughts flowing….


I’m have a lot of things flowing through my brain this evening. Instead of what I was going to write about, I have to say just a little bit about a sad little grey donkey.

If you’ve read Milne’s Pooh stories, you know that Eeyore is a sad little donkey. It always seems that there is a dark cloud hanging over his head. He had nobody to remember him on his birthday, until he said something about it. He lost his tail. He was bounced into a river. And he didn’t have a house during a snowstorm.

Only Eeyore could see the benefit of a broken balloon, the fact that there wasn’t a earthquake during the snowstorm. But in all this, he was very happy to have his tail back. A useful item just made for swishing about.

May you find good in all things, optimism during dark times, and have something to swish around just for fun.

3 thoughts on “Too many thoughts flowing….”

  1. Even during the scariest time in my life, I have found solace in those around me which makes me optimistic! Eeyore is a great character.

  2. I think Eeyore is adorable, but it’s kinda sad that he is always sad.
    Finding good in all things and optimism in dark times is always great advice 🙂

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