Time for Sleep?


Two days in a row with minimal sleep, and I’m now exhausted.   I’m surprised I have kept going this long.   Not much going on except that my youngest is in another play.  She just finished one, and starts another 2 days after closing…

Being the person that I am, I will probably help out is some shape and or manner on this show too.  Lighting, rounding up kids backstage (it is Childrens’ theater).  I’m sure the director will find plenty of ways I can help out.   Even if I complain, I’m happy to do it.

Night all…

1 thought on “Time for Sleep?”

  1. Knowing her I’m sure she will find plenty for you to do 😀 Asked my brood if they wanted to be in it. Two of them are in All Stars for soft/baseball so guess not.

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