Thinking about thinking


Has anyone noticed that the “thinking” gorilla has been on this page for a while now? I noticed. I haven’t felt like changing it recently. And I have been thinking a lot.

Some thoughts are coalescing in my mind.

1) I should spend more time with family and friends. That does mean less time doing theater stuff. I think I’m going to be very choosy about my theater endeavors. I’m not going to limit the number of shows, but I won’t be in a show just because it is the only show I’m the least bit interested in.

2) Part of everything is doing what I really want to do. Yes, some chores just can’t wait, but a lot of them can. Clear evenings should be spent with a telescope. Sleeping during the day should not be a problem on weekends.

3) NO is a very important word. I should use it more often.

4) YES is another important word. I should use it more often.

5) I didn’t contradict myself in the last two items. I need to learn when to say yes and when to say no.

6) I may end up hurting some feelings when I say yes or no. I will apologize for that, but not for my decisions.

7) Life is too short. There will never be enough time to do everything. There won’t even be enough time to do all of the important things. It is best to choose the most important things first. Old simulation with rocks, pebbles, gravel, sand and water… If you really want to know, ask. I may explain it in another blog…

8) I will stop worrying about sleep. The best thing is to sleep when I can and the rest will take care of itself.

9) Relationships with others are the keys to a happy life. If you are getting along with others, your life will be better. Hmm that was deep.

10) I know what real love is. I can’t really explain it, but I know what it is. Guess what, nobody can take that away from me. It is mine and it will always be a part of me.

12 thoughts on “Thinking about thinking”

  1. Angel_of_night

    Very well written. I have been thinking a lot myself and this almost feels like what has been going on in my head…except I haven’t the words or my mind is too muddled to say it. I enjoy reading your thoughts, thank you!

  2. Ok… so what is the old simulation? One vote for making a blog post of it…
    I agree with many of your points, if not all of them. I don’t think anyone feels there is enough time in the day, so yeah, prioritizing is very important. How exactly to do that sometimes is the puzzle.

  3. I like #8- sleep. As for #1, I’d actually like to do *more* theatre stuff, but I don’t know anymore where to find audition information as very few groups use the paper anymore. I suppose they all have web pages, but of course that requires knowing what the URLs are. Hmm.

  4. Little bits, Could be, could be…. I’ll never tell. 😉

    Derek, I’m now looking for quality theater. Too many times, I’ve been involved just because I’m a guy and they needed guys. As far as plays for you, I only know of one community theater in the Chicago area. Not know what part of Chicago you are in, I wouldn’t know if it was close to you or not. My roommate from college has been in a couple of shows. Wouldn’t a good google search find some? I imagine they now have websites or facebook pages

  5. derek – I think justj is referring to Westchester – 30 minutes from your house if there’s no traffic, ha – like that would ever occur. But anyway, justj has a point – try googling. Or, if it’s something you REALLY want to do, commit yourself to finding area theater groups, finding their websites, and becoming a member of their emailing list. The whole process should take you under an hour.

  6. Quite a few listed there, but some to watch out for, especially that Gorilla Tango Theater – their projects seem a little too, um, alternative to say the least. Maybe try a more community theater oriented search. 🙂
    The one I was involved with way back when was Albright, but they are in Batavia now I think, a bit of a drive for you. Good luck!

  7. It does have some community theatre on it though- Up & Coming for example (C will remember this one). Also, I now know of some local professional tryouts which I might do for the fun of it. I was turned off of that Gorilla Tango one from the moment I read the blurb about preference given to LGBT people.

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